Forget me not, Turkey

InCelinasHeels - Forget me not, Turkey (Featured)

In the wee hours of a cold Friday morning, Istanbul happened to me. And thank heavens it did! From the closest tram station to the stunning Prince’s Island, I was met with infinitely beautiful people. And when I say beautiful, I mean beautiful inside and out. From the little devils running around the city to the older (and wiser) ones elegantly walking by, well-dressed is mostly what caught my eye. Most definitely not a trend that’s short-lived, but style in it’s most truest sense – eternal. Like a breath of fresh air, all I could do was take it in.. And share it with you!

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Trapped in a purple haze

InCelinasHeels - Trapped in a purple haze (Featured)

He wrapped himself in quotations – as a beggar would enfold himself in the purple of Emperors. – Rudyard Kipling

I’m a big fan of the colour – I won’t deny it. Purple has always had my attention. Historically speaking, the colour has always been associated with royalty. And boy, did I feel majestic in it! But it’s so much more than that. From long-standing therapeutic abilities to psychological benefits, did you know this colour is known for its soothing nature? I’d have to say it pleases the eye – and that’s more than enough for me!

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All that glitters..

And just like that Beyonce is in the news again. Only this time, she’s definitely at her most risqué yet with her latest costume on her current “Mrs. Carter World Tour”.

Starting her tour at Belgrade, Serbia on Monday night, Beyonce had the audience eye-balling her as she stepped out in a gold-sequined leotard with shiny gold faux nipples. She might have just taken this a little too far as most people didn’t approve of her outrageous costume affair.

At 32, Beyonce is wildly successful. Known for her commercial endorsements with family-oriented brands like L’Oreal and Pepsi, the faux nipples probably put her in bad light with some of the audience.

However, she did seem to have quite a few admirers in the crowd who thought this look totally did it for her. And who should her designers be? None other than Julien Macdonald, Dsquared2 and Pucci along with doubts of Givenchy’s involvement, who are all the creme de la creme of fashion. It is still unclear who was behind this particular costume that raised many eyebrows though. What’s left to see is if all this eyebrow raising is for the good or bad for dear Beyonce.

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With a song in my heart

InCelinasHeels - With a song in my heart (Featured)

It is spring again. The earth is like a child that knows poems by heart. – Rainer Maria Rilke

Take a deep breath. Doesn’t that feel absolutely wonderful? Like something was suddenly reborn inside you, in a place you didn’t even know existed. The smell. The fresh air. Allowing the wind to kiss your cheek ever so lightly. These are the moments I’ve learned to treasure. And that’s what I felt on this fine day..

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The Sale and I

The Sale and I | Of Chocolate and Corsets

Some of my best buys have been things I’ve got at a ridiculously high low price. And the best part about that is I come out of a store feeling like I’ve conquered Mount Everest or something. I’m a total sucker for sales. So it’s no surprise I’m always on the hunt for pretty things at affordable prices. And why shouldn’t you buy things on sale? Where else can you save your dirhams, right?

Now, here’s how the sale and I actually work…

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