Lazy Afternoon at (El Retiro) Park

In Celina's Heels-Lazy Afternoon at (El Retiro) Park

“I am simple, complex, generous, selfish, unattractive, beautiful, lazy, and driven.” ― Barbra Streisand

If you’re wondering how one person can be all of these things, you’ve not met me! I’m constantly pushing myself to be better than I was yesterday, aiming to reach higher and higher, and hungry for more. And then on an off day, I just take it easy and laze through the day, because… why not?

Everyone needs to take some time off and just be. Whether it means slipping on jeans and sweater because you simply don’t need to think too much about what you’re wearing, or spending an afternoon reading a book instead of attending to all that work that’s been piling up. This lazy moment is just what you need to get right back on track!

Photographer: No Ordinary Taste

WHO: That lazy girl.

WHAT: In a casual shiny sweater (H&M) and light blue ripped jeans (Zara) with stockings (Oysho) and quirky slip ons (Stradivarius).

WHEN: On a cool, lazy afternoon.

WHERE: At El Retiro Park in Madrid.

WHY: She wants to be lazy today, and there’s really nothing wrong with that!

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