Smile A Little, Won’t You?

In Celina's Heels_Smile A Little, Won't You?

“I’ve never seen a smiling face that was not beautiful.” ― Unknown

What is it about a smile that makes the worst of things a little bit better, a little brighter? A smile has the power to make a stranger a friend. The ability to lighten a difficult situation. Ironically, in this day and age, we don’t smile much. We’ve forgotten it is our best asset, and will remain so no matter what. We start a new day worrying about our commute to the office, current workload and who knows what else. Not me though. I choose to begin my day with a smile, irrespective of how it turns out. I try to keep it on when things get tough. I can’t say it always works, but it’s definitely worth the effort.

If you’ve met me, you would know that I tend to smile a lot. If you’re passing by, I’ll probably smile at you. While some people might think this is a bit much, I believe it’s a good thing. Not only does it break the ice, it gives me a few seconds to catch my breath and adds to my confidence.. In this post, you will notice the monochromatic look I put together, but you most definitely won’t miss the smile on my face. In fact, it’s probably what you will see first. I have to say, my smile is one of my best features. And I never shy away from using it.

In Celina's Heels_Smile A Little, Won't You?


In Celina's Heels_Smile A Little, Won't You?



Photographer: Andras’ Lens

Makeup: Nadia Genevieve D’Rozario

WHO: The ever-smiling girl.

WHAT: In a Skirt (Topshop) that makes her happy complete with a black lace top (Pull & Bear) and Black Ballet Flats and tan-colored sling bag (Charles & Keith)

WHEN: Catching the sunshine in the morning.

WHERE: The Walk, JBR.

WHY: Her smile completes her.

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