This Girl on Graffiti!

In Celinas Heels_This Girl on Graffiti!

Graffiti ultimately wins out over proper art because it becomes part of your city, it’ s a tool; “I’ll meet you in that pub, you know, the one opposite that wall with a picture of a monkey holding a chainsaw”. I mean, how much more useful can a painting be than that? ― Banksy

Let me start by saying I’m no critic, and I refuse to believe any art form is less effective than others, but I have to agree with Banksy when it comes to graffiti. From Karama to Citywalk, some of you have probably noticed all the graffiti that has made a sudden appearance around the city of Dubai. Overnight this form of art and expression has become the city’s identity. And with it, people like us have blended right in – managing to relate to it and partaking in this movement. I for one have already said more than once to a friend “Meet me where Mickey Mouse has his hand out at Citywalk!”.

Come to think of it, graffiti is probably the biggest art movement in recent times we can identify with, and in a city like Dubai it is a statement in itself. If the art and design scene wasn’t big before, it’s definitely moving in that direction. Sure, there have been debates about local artists missing out, but the fact remains that this movement is stirring up the city and making people take notice. I’d say that’s an effective movement alright.

Photographer: Andras’ Lens

Makeup: Nadia Genevieve D’Rozario

WHO: The girl in front of the graffiti.

WHAT: Blending in effortlessly in a White Semi-Formal Dress (Zara) and Brown Platforms (Pull&Bear) slinging her RLL wallet.

WHEN: On sultry summer morning.

WHERE: Where Mickey Mouse has his hand out at Citywalk!

WHY: To take part in an effective art movement in the city.

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