I’ve got autumn in my pants!

InCelinasHeels - I've got autumn in my pants! (Featured)

How beautifully leaves grow old. How full of light and color are their last days. – John Burroughs

We live in a place where we don’t get to experience the wonder of Autumn or Fall. If you’ve lived in Dubai as long as me, you’re probably wondering what this season feels like, because quite frankly you’ve never really experienced it. This year, I decided I was going to experience it one way or another. And that’s when I spotted these only-too-smart trousers that were screaming Autumn at me. So I thought to myself, why ever not? I may not know what Autumn or Fall feels like, but trousers definitely nailed the season!

Photographer: Vibhuti Thanki

WHO: That girl experiencing Autumn in December.

WHAT: In a pair of Autumn-inspired Trousers (Zara) paired perfectly with a Silk Black Blouse (Suite Blanco) and finished off with Black Suede Strappy Shoes (Zara), carrying a Faux Patent Leather Bag (Streets of Mumbai).

WHEN: Well-past Autumn, on a cool afternoon in December.

WHERE: On the streets of Dubai.

WHY: Every season is an experience to be experienced, after all.

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