Lady in red

InCelinasHeels - Lady in red (Featured)

When in doubt, wear red. – Bill Blass

If you know me, you’d know I’m not a big fan of the colour red. I’ve always thought it doesn’t suit me. My girlfriends have been patiently telling me to give it a little try, but being the stubborn person that I am, I avoided it like the plague. Until now. Why? Because my darling cousin went and got me a skirt in just the colour! I simply had to wear it, for her at least. Need I say what a sexy skirt it is? So here it is. I must say, I don’t feel the same about red as I did yesterday. I have my self-confidence to thank for that. That, and my friends who’ve made me feel like I can pull off almost anything!

Photographer: Vibhuti Thanki

WHO: The lady with the confidence.

WHAT: In a Red High-Waisted Skirt (Atmosphere) paired with the famous Black Crop Top (Forever21) and Black Suede Shoes (Zara).

WHEN: On a humid October evening.

WHERE: In the open air of Souq Al Bahar.

WHY: To show the world that she can pull off almost anything, as long as she’s got her self-confidence in place!

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