Coral, floral and me!

InCelinasHeels - Coral, Floral and Me (Featured)

Anything simple always interests me. – David Hockney

Whoever said some of the best things in life are free has never really met simplicity! Ok ok, so the top spot here still goes to free, but simplicity follows close behind! As you can see, I’ve got a sudden love for the coral colour. So I decided to show my love for it and give it some flowers. And just like that, I was ready to tell the world how much I love this combination!

Photographer: Vibhuti Thanki

WHO: The simple girl.

WHAT: In a Floral Print Top (Forever New) paired with Black Denim Shorts (Alcott) and Coral Ballet Flats (H&M), carrying a Coral Envelope Bag (Street Shopping, Bombay).

WHEN: One summer evening.

WHERE: Ready to step out the door.

WHY: Some days, simple does it!

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