The tribal secret

If you thought florals are the only things thriving in this warm weather, you’re highly mistaken. Come hot and humid weather, and you’ve got to be seeing tribal prints everywhere. And since they’re all over the place, why not pick up a few essentials and show summer it can’t really get to you?

The tribal secret | Of Chocolate and Corsets

Wooden Bead Necklace: Stradivarius (AED 95)

Although summer is about the colours, some of us prefer to keep it to the minimum. For those of you who aren’t colour-loving, you can try the simple two-tone prints. They aren’t hard to find either. I’ve been seeing quite a few designs around myself!

The tribal secret | Of Chocolate and Corsets

Ethnic Jacquard Mini Skirt: Zara (AED 195)

The essence of tribal prints will always be the colour though. Whether it’s accessories you choose to play around with or your clothes, these prints add a little skip to each step you take. If you’ve tried the print out, you’ll know they are definite attention grabbers (tried and tested by yours truly). If not, try them on and see for yourself!

I’ve got my tribal on.. The question is, have you?

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