The Sale and I

The Sale and I | Of Chocolate and Corsets

Some of my best buys have been things I’ve got at a ridiculously high low price. And the best part about that is I come out of a store feeling like I’ve conquered Mount Everest or something. I’m a total sucker for sales. So it’s no surprise I’m always on the hunt for pretty things at affordable prices. And why shouldn’t you buy things on sale? Where else can you save your dirhams, right?

Now, here’s how the sale and I actually work…

The Lookout: I’m always scouting for sales. EVERYWHERE I go (no fixed time period either), my eyes are greedily searching for the ‘Sale’ boards. Most often I find weekend discounts at some of my favourite stores like New Look or the Best Buys and Super Savers at places like Forever 21, where I know I’m paying lesser but still getting quality stuff. Then there are those massive sales that happen every quarter year or so (yes, Dubai Shopping Festival and Dubai Summer Surprises included) where you actually have to stand in a long queue before you can take home your purchases of the day. These can be slightly more taxing, but they’re almost always worth the trouble. Most importantly, remember the reason you should always lookout for a sale – it’s to pick up the good stuff before it’s all gone (so go early!).

The Pickout: Word of advice – Don’t just buy the first thing you see on sale. You’re bound to see similar stuff in other stores (possibly cheaper, possibly better quality). I also make sure to pick stuff up that’s currently in style but will also last me a while. Like this white top I picked from New Look on sale for a mere AED 30. It’s something that’ll probably never go out of style. Take some time to go through the stuff on sale before you settle on something.

The Checkout: No, I don’t mean the literal checkout counter. There’s something I need to do when I’ve spotted a good deal. I need to thoroughly examine it for rips and tears, missing buttons, unaccountable spills or marks. Believe me, you want to thoroughly examine what you’ve picked up from the sale rack because many a times these are the unwanted pieces sold at a low cost. So don’t skip this step, come what may! You don’t want to get home to notice this later and face the brunt of disappointment.

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